Starring Role Playbook

Step Into Your Starring Role

Has Impostor Complex gotten the better of your big dreams?

Maybe it's time you took control of those dreams. Maybe it's time you tapped yourself into your own success. Maybe it's time that you decided to claim the opportunities that present to you, that you asked for the introductions, that you made the pitches, and that you embraced the applause with full heart. Yes. Maybe it's time you finally overcame your Impostor Complex and brought your dreams to life.

I can help.

Self Study

Starring Role Playbook
  • 11 weekly emails including videos, audios and exercises you'll use to fortify yourself and come back to every time you breakthrough and level up...which is to say, time and time again.
  • Six modules to work through + five content interludes that produce mindset shifts, epiphanies, deepened discovery and wild conviction
  • One year subscription to invigorating monthly group calls ONLY available to you as a course participant (calls are the first Friday of every month).
  • Opportunity to work 1:1 with me at a very reduced rate so that, if you need to or choose to, you can laser in on a particular challenge or deepen and accelerate your process.

Weekend Intensive

Open Access Library
  • Get access to all modules at once so you can go through at your own desired pace. Everything from the Self Study is included in the weekend intensive.